The team, as human resources of Roma Lom Foundation

Roma Lom Foundation works with a pool of highly qualified experts from Lom and Sofia in accordance with program needs.

  Women Men Total
Management team 1 2 3
Coordinators 2 2 4
Office manager 1   1
Assistance coordinators 2 2 4
Accountants 2   2
Total 8 6 14

Since 1996 the Roma Lom Foundation team has passed the following training for improvement of its program skills:

  • Strategic planning;
  • PMES - assessment of external and internal environment, priorities setting, operational planning, resource planning, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Effective allocation of operational functions and responsibilities among the team members;
  • Skills for effective meetings' facilitation;
  • Communication skills;
  • Project proposal writing;
  • Team working skills;
  • Conflict resolution skills;
  • Internal programs/projects management - timing of activities, planning of human and financial resources, allocation of on-going tasks, monitoring, reporting;
  • Volunteers recruitment and management techniques;
  • Internal monitoring and evaluation of program activities;
  • Advocacy and lobbying;
  • Effective work with media.

Development of specific skills:

  • Development of office skills;
  • Work with modern IT (Internet);
  • Work with publishing products;
  • Accountancy of NGOs.

Policies and practices for the development of the human resources

The working scheme of Roma Lom Foundation is bottom-up open, which means that it allows involvement of a sufficient number of volunteers in the activities, there is proportional selection from the 4 neighbourhoods in Lom.

The coordinators of the separate programs and their assistants come from the community itself. Thus they have the opportunity for direct contacts and observations of the target group, mostly the young people between 18 and 25. The coordinators appear to be the natural link between the organization and the community as well as agents for the implementation of all joint initiatives.

The implementation of different initiatives gives the team opportunities to assess the qualities of all participants. The team recruits the coordinators in the basic workings scheme according to selection criteria, i.e. education, public opinion, activity, etc.

The Roma Lom Foundation policy is that the program skills of the team are to be gained through practice and through the mentoring method. This is achieved by attachment of every volunteer to a separate coordinator, which creates prerequisites for improved team working and provides opportunities to learn in real working environment. In the work course the 'junior team' needs of training in NGO working skills are identified, as well as of legal regulations concerning every program area.

The policy for new team members' recruitment includes the condition that the assistants to the coordinators work free as volunteers for 3 - 6 months, which they know prior to that. The motivation factor is the opportunity to learn free computer literacy and a Western language (German or English). After ending of the test period the most motivated and well-prepared young people are offered permanent jobs as coordinators and people in charge for the neighborhoods.

The team working on the second level (program areas coordinators) is also offered opportunities for professional growth. They get included in the work of the executive team, as well as in trainings. The strategy envisages that after the start of the Resource Center, the bigger part of the executive team workload is to be gradually transferred to the coordinators of program areas. This will give them an opportunity to build on their capacity and professionalism.