During 2001 Roma Lom Foundation has had a long process of reconsideration of its organizational structure in accordance with the results achieved so far - the institutional growth of the organization, the acquired program experience and authority as an institution acknowledged by the Roma and the Bulgarian community in Lom.

The changes in the organizational structure of Roma Lom Foundation are in line with the new Legal Entities with Non-profit Purpose Act, which pbrovides that the existing NGOs should re-design their statutes in conformity with the new act till the end of 2001 and to re-register till the end of 2003.

Roma Lom Foundation is an organization with well-developed internal structure, which has clear division between the decision-making and the executive levels. The new structure consists of a Board, a Public Council, a Board of Directors - Executive Council, a team with sub-teams for the different programs.

The Board consists of 6 members (including the Chairperson) - respected people with broad experience in the citizen sector who know very well the development up to now and the work of Roma Lom Foundation. Gradually the number of Board members will increase to nine. The Board and the Chairperson are the bodies, which formulate the organization's policy and strategy, make decisions on the long-term objectives and program areas of work.

In the management scheme there is envisaged a Public Council, which will be a separate body ensuring transparency and accountability before the public of Lom and the region. Between 11 and 15 people from the town and the region will participate in it; they will get acquainted with the on-going and future programs, suggest new ideas and opportunities, accept the reports of the foundation. Representatives of institutions will be invited in the Public Council (as positions not as persons): the Mayor of Lom, the Labor Bureau director, the Social Care Office director, the head of the police department, school principals and other individuals holding positions of public importance. On behalf of the Roma community the in-formal leaders from the neighbourhoods will take part. The Public Council has advisory functions, it will notify the Board provided that there is a discrepancy with the mission and the objectives of the programs.

On the executive level of the foundation is Executive director. He is taking decisions on the overall program and financial management.

On the second and third executive levels there will be people with different capacity and expertise, including representatives of the 4 Roma neighbourhoods with different skills and experience in the citizen work. Seven coordinators for separate program activities are included in the working scheme. For the moment 5 volunteers work in the office of the foundation on full time basis and do not receive salaries. On campaigning and specific activities the foundation uses the services of 100-120 volunteers from the 4 Roma neighbourhoods.

It is to be noticed that a requirement for professional development is set for the whole team of Roma Lom Foundation. The management is based on effective communication and timely information submission between the chairperson and the directors, as well as between the separate management levels and bodies. Job descriptions have been designed for every management level and for the implementation of the program activities of Roma Lom Foundation.