"Roma Lom" Foundation is a non-profit organization, registered in Bulgaria in November 1996 under the Family and Persons Act. It works for empowerment and improvement of the social emancipation of the disadvantaged groups in the region of North-Western Bulgaria, with special attention to the development of the Roma community.

"Roma Lom" Foundation was established by a group of adherents from the Roma community in Lom who had been working for two years as an informal group of community activists. During this period (1995 - 1996) the group implemented two projects. The first one is related to the improvement of the infrastructure in one of the Roma neighbourhoods in Lom, and the second is related to the roof reconstruction of a primary school in Lom, situated in the Roma neighbourhood Mladenovo.

The founders of the organization - the chairperson Nikolay Kirilov and the Board members - Diana Anguelova, Tzvetanka Pavlova, Assen Slavchev and Vassil Kirilov created the initial executive team for projects' implementation. Gradually together with the expansion of the activities more coordinators and volunteers were joining the core team, who were motivated young men and women of the community. On campaigning and specific program activities the Foundation involves about 120 - 150 volunteers from the four Roma neighbourhoods in Lom.

Since 3-th of June 2002 Roma-Lom foundation has been registered on the basis of the new Law for non-profit organizations.

The new board of "Roma Lom" Foundation consists of 6 people who are high-qualified and who have rich experience in the NGO's work.

The new members of the board are working on activities in different sectors: intercession, international contacts, strategic planning, observing, valuation and development of local NGO's.