Roma-Lom Foundation works for the social emancipation and access to development opportunities of disadvantaged communities and marginalised groups, with a special emphasis on the Roma community in four core sectors - 1 functional and 3 problem areas:

  • Development of the human resources of the NGOs in the region through the Human Resource Center;
  • Education;
  • Income generation;
  • Social policy.

In implementing its programs Roma-Lom Foundation applies the following program approaches:

  • Participation of all stakeholders;
  • Community involvement;
  • Recruitment of wide range of volunteers;
  • Partnership with the institutions;
  • Partnership with other NGOs;
  • Taking into consideration the needs and capacities of the target groups;
  • Work with all ethnic groups;
  • Weam work;
  • Mutual respect and trust;
  • Taking into consideration the traditions, mentality and culture of the communities;
  • Transparency of the work;
  • Capacity building of the team through learning from own experience;
  • Openness of Roma-Lom Foundation;
  • Stimulation of initiative and implementation of new ideas;
  • Sraining-through-practice;

As a confirmation for the achieved successes and results in institutional and organizational development of RLF we are presenting the following documents:

  • Report for assessment of the Integrated project for local change, made by S.E.G.A foundation and the program partners (1998 - 2001), in which the work of RLF has been analyzed in details. The mission for assessment was carried out in February -march 2001, according the requirements of NOVIB and MATRA program. Appraisers: Sudhanshu Joshi and Docho Mihailov.
  • Auditorial report for the financial management of RLF for 2000 financial year prepared by the independent auditorial house 'Ata -Consult'.