Past projects

Educational centre-supported by Finnish embassy in Bulgaria.(2003-2004)

General Objective is to increase the level and the quality of the education of Roma children and young people through establishing an Educational Centre in Lom which will provide opportunities for alternative forms of learning, in accordance with the needs of the target group. Specific Objectives: - Provide the target group with conditions suitable for high-quality education and learning in accordance with the requirements of the educational system. - Increase the number of young people completing secondary schools and motivate them to continue their education.

Credit program for the start up of small and family businesses (2000 – 2002)

The program is supported by the Pokrov Bogorodichen Foundation, Sofia, which has a micro-credit fund amounting to 20,000 DM. The major goal of the program is to test an alternative model of micro-crediting for businesses of entrepreneurial poor families who have no access to credit.

RrAJE - Roma Rights and Access to Justice in Europe. (January 2002 – December 2003)

A partnership project of the European Dialogue Foundation, UK in two countries – Bulgaria and the Czech republic, developed and implemented in partnership with local organizations. The Roma Lom Foundation is the primary partner for Bulgaria. The project is funded by DfID, UK, through the European Dialogue Foundation, UK. Project funding for activities in Lom for the first year: 9 000 GBP.

During 2001 Roma Lom Foundation has had a long process of reconsideration of its organizational structure in accordance with the results achieved so far - the institutional growth of the organization, the acquired program experience and authority as an in

The changes in the organizational structure of Roma Lom Foundation are in line with the new Legal Entities with Non-profit Purpose Act, which provides that the existing NGOs should re-design their statutes in conformity with the new act till the end of 2001 and to re-register till the end of 2003.