Mission and Objectives

The mission of Roma-Lom Foundation is to stimulate the empowerment process of excluded groups and the social emancipation of the disadvantaged communities.

Roma-Lom Foundation works for integration and social emancipation of disadvantaged communities irrespective of their ethnicity. The stress is put on the development of the Roma community as it is in the most difficult conditions and meanwhile is the most numerous, with highest concentration in the region of Northwestern Bulgaria (only in Lom the Roma are about 14,000 and represent nearly 50 per cent of the total population of the town).

In accomplishing its mission Roma-Lom Foundation perceives its role as an active agent of change, which works purposefully for:

  • Stimulation of initiative citizen groups working for sustainable community development;
  • Development and approbation of practices and models for problems solving and lobbying for successful practices application on regional and national level;
  • Stimulation of the communication and ethnic-cultural dialogue for mutual understanding, overcoming prejudices and promotion of tolerance as a norm in the relations between different ethnic groups in Bulgaria;
  • Provision of methodological assistance for the development of other community organizations from the region and the whole country;
  • Mobilizing the internal potential of the community and attraction of partners for joint resolving of the problems.

The Long-term objective of Roma-Lom Foundation is to ensure access to development of the excluded groups and the disadvantaged communities through:

  • Stimulation of civil society development through building the capacity and the expertise of the citizen organizations and initiative groups, working for local development, and inclusion of these organizations in the third sector;
  • Increasing the level and quality of education of the children and young people;
  • Income generation and improvement of the economic status of the groups in disadvantaged position;
  • Improvement of the quality and the access to social services in Lom through offering new type of services.