Resource Center

General objective of the Resource Centre is to stimulate and support the development of the civil society in the region.

Specific objectives:

1. Build the capacity of citizen organisations and initiative groups working for local development through practical training and technical assistance.


  • Increase the expertise of citizen organisations and initiative groups working for local development by: meetings for identifying NGOs and initiative groups; trainings of the team of the Resource Centre; trainings and exchange internships, trainings of local NGO's organizations for knowing the normative order in the preferred sectors;
  • Facilitation and support for the development of the NGOs and the local initiative groups by: assistance in developing the vision, the mission and the objectives of the organisations; facilitation in identification of the needs and the opportunities of the communities; assistance in the process of setting priorities together with the target group; training through practice: identifying, planning and implementation of small initiatives; providing expert assistance upon request; development of small joint initiatives through the Seed Development Fund institutionalisation and development of own projects.

2. Change the attitudes of the public towards the excluded groups through popularizing the good practices of community based non-government organisations.


  • Directing the attention of the public-at-large to the problems of the disadvantaged communities through media campaigns;
  • Promotion of good practices for development of disadvantaged communities among the public-at-large by means of printed and audio-visual products.

3. Change policies on local, regional and national level concerning the development of disadvantaged communities through successful advocacy campaigns and effective participation of representatives of the community in government structures.


  • Carrying out advocacy campaigns for development of strategies and changes in local, regional and national policies for improving the situation of the excluded groups;
  • Carrying out advocacy campaigns for solving local problems in the Roma community.

Educational Projects

Basic aim of direction Education is to increase the level and quality of education of children and young people in Lom.

1. Improving the conditions for equal start in all schools and kindergartens in Lom town by:

  • Motivating parents to become more understanding and involved with regard to the future of their children;
  • Preparatory groups for improving the conditions for learning the Bulgarian language and for the socialization of children;
  • Motivating children for acquiring new skills;
  • Increasing the qualification and the motivation of teachers.

2. Motivation for increased school attendance and keeping children in school by:

  • Improving conditions for increasing the number of kids in schools;
  • Attract parents as partners;
  • Improve the relationships between children, parents, teachers and non-government organisations;
  • Motivate and increased qualification of teachers;
  • Attract institutions as partners.

3. Increase the number of young people admitted to universities:

  • Motivate young people to continue their education;
  • Attract teachers as assistants in the process;
  • Attract parents in the process;
  • Inclusion of interested institutions and other NGOs.

Income Generation Projects

Basic aim in that direction is to improve the opportunities for income generation and stimulate the economic initiative in socially disadvantaged groups.

1. Conditions for the development of business:

  • Establish a business centre.
  • Develop start-up programs for SMEs.
  • Provide services to active entrepreneurs.

2. Ensuring jobs for socially disadvantaged groups:

  • Creating conditions for the work realisation of the target group.
  • Alternative forms of employment:
    • A labor market created for part-time work and work at home;
    • A program for youth employment.

Social Activities Projects

Basic aim in this direction is to be improved the access and quality of the social services in the town of Lom.

1. Ensure a new type of social services:

  • Establishing a centre for work with children with deviant behaviour;
  • Work with disabled children
  • Programs for women in disadvantaged position:
    • Assistance in creating initiative women's groups;
    • Assistance to women with problems.

2. Create prerequisites for higher access to social services provided by institutions:

  • Centre for providing social consultations to citizens;
  • Change in the methods of work of the institutions providing social services.